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Title: It's Easier With Friends who Understand (Even if Most of you Shouldn't Actually Know Each Other)
Series: Hacker Chatter
Author: [livejournal.com profile] whogeek
Fandom: Skyfall/Covert Affairs/Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol/The Losers/Criminal Minds/NCIS
Characters/Pairings: Q, Auggie Anderson, Benji Dunn, Jake Jensen(/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez), Penelope Garcia, Abby Sciuto
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 738
Warnings: Q is tetchy, some all of his friends are kind of crazy.
Genre: Gen, implied slash and pre-slash
Summary: Q has a bad agent day and needs to vent.
Author's Note: So after I saw Skyfall it didn't take long before I acquired a Q as a muse. Of course, my Benji muse wandered over and they started talking tech. After several re-watchings I had the idea of a group of tech people/hackers who commiserate with each other about crazy field agents. I had some difficulties deciding which hackers to include in this group and at some point I will probably write how they ended up setting up their private, super-secure chat. And how some of them forced their way in and were never really told to leave. And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill for several of the in-chat names.

Q is grumbling to himself as he unlocks his door, slipping inside and kicking it closed before throwing the bolt and checking his security. Everything is fine as he makes his way to the kitchen, pulling a half-empty carton of Chinese out of the fridge before grabbing a fork and heading towards his office. It's exceptionally dim compared to the brightness of Q-Branch but he only needs the extra light when he's making something and his workbench has several extra lamps for that purpose. The computers come online with a whirr as he sinks into his chair, kicking his shoes off in the general direction of the door before turning to the screens. "Lets see if anyone wants to commiserate with me."

It only takes five minutes to work his way into the chatroom.

Scrabble: Some days, I really hate my life.

BlindMansBluff: Problems?

FieldTech: That doesn't sound good.

Scrabble: Understatement.
Scrabble: No less than 3 agents returned tech in pieces.

SupremeCommander: I keep telling you, the only reason we ever managed to return tech at all was because our pay got docked.

GothGirl: Makes me glad I don't have to worry about that.

Scrabble: I would suggest it but most of the time their bloody hazard pay more than covers the cost of the tech.

FieldTech: Nothing like hazard pay to make cost of tech irrelevant.

BlindMansBluff: Times like this I'm glad to not actually be working down in tech ops.

Scrabble: I hate you all.

GothGirl: Awwww, you don't really mean that.
GothGirl: Besides, you haven't said one thing about His tech getting returned in pieces.
GothGirl: Or not at all.

Scrabble: That is because He has been out of the field with injuries.
Scrabble: Which means He is not destroying and mangling and losing my tech.

SupremeCommander: It's like the most violent pigtail-pulling ever.

BlindMansBluff: Right, like you're one to talk, SC.

SupremeCommander: Hey, C never tried to purposely break all my tech to get my attention.

FieldTech: It's conversations like this that make me question my decision to go out into the field.
FieldTech: That, and E's tendency to take ridiculous risks.
FieldTech: And the arguments.
FieldTech: Although I think that's mostly due to the brilliant idea to put 3 team leaders on one team.
FieldTech: Which, W is actually surprisingly amenable to not being in charge of everything.

GothGirl: I think we get the picture, FT.

Scrabble: There is no "pigtail-pulling" going on.
Scrabble: And I've got enough hair, I'd much rather He be pulling on that, anyways.

GothGirl: Kinky.

BlindMansBluff: I really didn't need to know that.

FieldTech: Shite. The Phone is going off.

SupremeCommander: Warn me if you're heading anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

BlindMansBluff: Come on SC, you know that half of us can't know where you are.

SupremeCommander: I'm trying to be as non-specific as possible!
SupremeCommander: Besides, which of us doesn't have traces running?

GothGirl: I only run mine occasionally.

Scrabble: Algorithm.
Scrabble: It's always running.

BlindMansBluff: I'm not sure why I even bother.
BlindMansBluff: How is it that with a group like this, the only one of our ground rules we manage to consistently follow is the 'no names' rule?

Scrabble: Because traces tell you where, but not who.
Scrabble: And most of us are remarkably paranoid.

FieldTech: I'm off.
FieldTech: The E calls and I respond.
FieldTech: I'm not sure when I'll be on again.

GothGirl: Stay safe FT.

Scrabble: Good luck.

SupremeCommander: Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

BlindMansBluff: Try not to get us called in.

FieldTech: Thanks.
FieldTech has left the chat.

Q leaves the chat running on one screen, inserting a comment now and then as he bounces around the internet for a while. The stress of the day leaches out after a while. BabyGirl signs in around 9:30 wondering if all geniuses with eidetic memory are socially awkward and proceeds to explain how S nearly panicked when a group of drag queens tried to convince him to let them give him a makeover.

Q can't help but smile at that and shares how a friend in Uni convinced him to participate in a drag show. SupremeCommander, GothGirl and BabyGirl all demand pictures and Q feels just a bit smug that none of the pictures made it onto the web. SupremeCommander logs off when C apparently forces him to bed around eleven, and Q decides to sign off and head for bed himself.

Author's Note the Second:

Q is Scrabble
          He is 007
Auggie is BlindMansBluff
Benji is FieldTech
          E is Ethan Hunt
          W is William Brandt
          The Phone is the phone from the end of MI4
Jensen is SupremeCommander
          C is Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez
Abby is GothGirl
Garcia is BabyGirl (even though she just gets a brief mention in this)
          S is Spencer Reid
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