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So working at a camp is.... an adventure and a half, shall we say. It's a lot of fun too, and I can genuinely say I like everyone I work with (not necessarily as co-workers but as people in general) and I love being able to work with the young women coming for the CIT program.

We just finished up "Magic and Mysteries" week, aka "Harry Potter" week and it was a blast! I got to play Snitch for the Quidditch Tournament and also play a staff game to keep the girls entertained while the scores were all being tallied up. It was all kinds of wet and muddy because it had rained just a few hours before so most of the kids were caked in mud. I actually managed to not slip and fall down in the mud but I did get hit by a couple of bludgers (which at that point were more mud-balls than foam) so I threw my shirt in with my girls' shirts for a quick wash. I definitely want to look into joining the Quidditch team at my school this next semester. So much fun. 'My' unit (I'm assigned to a unit for the week because I'm not actually in one) won the second task which involved making a boat out of random objects, taking it across the lake and completing challenges along the way, 'rescuing' another counselor and then bringing everything back across the lake. It was a lot of fun to watch and cheer for and my unit won that challenge. Then there was the Horcrux hunt, which is a challenge/scavenger hunt. I wasn't involved because I had to get sleep so I could drive for the day camp group the next morning but apparently it was pretty awesome too. It was honestly a lot of fun, especially dressing up as 'Hawkeye Moody' for parts of one day.

I think the only thing I would want to change is some of the Admin decisions. Especially the way some of my co-workers are being treated. I'm not going to go into that now because it'll just make me angry again.
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I love my family, but I really do need my own time.  Sitting in a hotel room with mom, dad, and my older sister.  >.<  I just.  I love them, but I can really only take so much family time now.  **deep sigh**

On the plus side, my cousin is getting married tomorrow, and the weather is supposed to be much better.  :D

Also, I think I might be coming down with a cold, because I was up until 3 and out in the cold and the damp(it was drizzling) putting a TARDIS on the wall of the free expression tunnel of the college near my house.  Totally worth it, considering we made it life size(10'3").
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ARGH!!! You've dropped your kid off, she's settling in just fine, now get OUT OF MY SPACE!!!  Am clearly not dealing with this well. XP This is making me feel very twitchy.
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There's one thing I really hate about going to the beach.  I usually get hurt somehow.  I went a couple weekends ago, and got sunburned, and now it itches like hell because it's peeling and I can't see the damn burns because I got burned on my back!  Fucking Scotish complexion.  Course, last time I got stung by a jellyfish, and that was no fun.


Jun. 8th, 2010 07:00 pm
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So, I went and bought conditioner yesterday, And I got the same stuff I've been getting for the past 2-3 years or so.  Today I finally get around to using it and what do I find?  They've changed the formula.  The new stuf REEKS!!  I kid you not.  I sneezed in the fucking shower.  Because of the goddamned perfume.  The old formula smelled nice, faintly tropical, and clean.  New stuff?  Smells like a truckful of coconuts slammed into a truckful of hibiscus.  Each scent on it's own is fine.  I'm not a fan of coconut, but it's not horrible.  Together?  Disgusting.  Absolutely horrendous.  I'm tempted to write a scathing letter telling them how much I don't like the new stuff.  And why is it that everything has to have fucking perfume in it?  I'm basically allergic to most perfumes!  I end up coughing/sneezing/unable to breathe because of some, and most just give me hellacious headaches.  It sucks.  Majorly.

Edit:  Also, I might be going to a friend's house for Stargate/cooking/girly giggle-fest/hanging out Thursday, which totally rocks.  Because tomorrow I'm transplanting my rosebush to next to the mailbox, because we never get anything out of it where it is.  By the mailbox we'll see it every day.  :D  I love my rose.  The blooms come out this lovely pale pink and the sun turns them this amazing magenta that's almost purplish.  Gorgeous.


Feb. 7th, 2010 03:27 pm
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Danica Patrick?  DANICA PATRICK?!  What the FUCK??  Why the hell would they want Danica Patrick as a guest star?  All she's ever done is sexy with the whole "I'm sexy at 200 MPH" shtick.

I may be from North Carolina, but I am Not a fan of nascar or that kind of racing.


Jan. 13th, 2010 03:35 am
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3:33 AM, and Goddamnit, why can't I fucking sleep!

I'm about this close to pulling my hair out.
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I now have a list of movies I want to see. And I blame [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel and [livejournal.com profile] thebritpopkid for pretty much all of it. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be wanting to see every Gary Sinise film, barring a select few(some of the voice-over documentary/historical movies he did, Bruno, The Big Bounce). And now I want to see Avatar, which I would have wanted to see anyway, and Daybreakers, which I also would have wanted to see anyway.

So yeah. You two are going to drive me up the wall.

Edit: Is it weird that I think Richard Belzer is hot? Oh, dear God, I do not need that pairing in my head with all the others in there. But damn if I don't think Munch/Fin is sexy as hell.

Edit: On a completely random note; Why the Hell is Brittany Fucking Spears so damn popular?! She's a slut, and her music is annoying as hell.
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So, I am pretty sure that the freezing rain/ice storm rolling through the area is going to make for one hell of a day. And I do actually have stuff to do outside my dorm. No exams, but I will be going out a couple times. And everything is slowly being coated in ice. It should be snowing. It's fucking cold enough now, and precipitating, it should be SNOWING DAMNIT!!! Fucking mountain weather.
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So, I don't really feel up to writing a review for this one. The whole thing was starting to seem.... anticlimactic. I mean, I just wasn't really feeling it. The whole thing just seemed to drag on for way too long. And the idea that Langston was getting obsessive over this one case, and no one had talked to him about it was more than a little wrong. Obsession in a CSI is a bad thing, because they stop looking at the evidence objectively. They stop seeing evidence and start seeing the blood/hair/skin of a person who was injured or killed. A CSI has to be able to detach from the case and the evidence, and Langston can't. That was the major thing that Grissom always stressed about his CSIs. He had to know that they could detach the victim from the evidence. That was the major problem with Sara. And it was a pretty big problem with Nick too, for a long time. I can't see Catherine, Nick, and Greg letting a member of their team go down that route. If Langston continues to invest all his extra, and some on-the-clock, time to some cases, he's going to run himself into the ground.

In other news, I'm watching old CSI episodes, which make me very happy, because Grissom and Warrick are still part of the team.


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