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So, it has been brought to my attention that I should probably post about what's been going on in my life recently.

In the past couple weeks I finished out the semester and moved back home(3 A's, 3 C's).  Now I've been looking for a job for the summer, and having.... moderate luck?  I guess.  Well, I'm trying to find something to do over the summer, because otherwise I'll end up selling knives again, which wasn't so awesome the first time around.  But, I've had one interview today, and I've turned in several other applications at various places, so, hoping one of those works out! :D

But, anyways.... muses are kinda quiet at the moment, which is good, because I'm trying to write up my resume, which is slightly confusing and mostly annoying.

I do have several plot bunnies in my plot-bunny-hutch(yes, I had to make a hutch for them all, they were getting out of control).  So, hopefully I can get to writing some of those after I've got a job pinned down and a more stable schedule.  And hopefully my dad will get a car shortly there-after, and I'll get to use the Van.  :)
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Crap.  Crapcrapcrap.  I hate fasting.  Stupid blood-work.  I haven't eaten since,  11:30 last night, and it's now 10 the next day.  I'm hungry, and that makes me irritable.   ...... I can't even drink anything.

Now that I've had my rant... I've definitely been watching too much CSI and CSI: NY lately.  I've been thinking in the character's voices.  It's about to drive me batshit crazy.  I mean, really, I have got to stop obsessively watching reruns on Spike.  I've got two perfectly good seasons on DVD. .... Not that I didn't initially polish those off in the week after I got each.

But definitely too much NY.  Danny and Don have set up residence in my head, and are either happily bickering with one of my own characters and corrupting them, or simply bickering with themselves.  Or me.  And occasionally they bring Adam around, and he gets nervous and starts babbling.

Oh and I've got to pack today so I can move into my dorm on Sunday.  I'm about to go out of my brain, and I still have other stuff to do before I can get that done.

I'm clearly quite stressed.


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