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Title: It's Easier With Friends who Understand (Even if Most of you Shouldn't Actually Know Each Other)
Series: Hacker Chatter
Author: [livejournal.com profile] whogeek
Fandom: Skyfall/Covert Affairs/Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol/The Losers/Criminal Minds/NCIS
Characters/Pairings: Q, Auggie Anderson, Benji Dunn, Jake Jensen(/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez), Penelope Garcia, Abby Sciuto
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 738
Warnings: Q is tetchy, some all of his friends are kind of crazy.
Genre: Gen, implied slash and pre-slash
Summary: Q has a bad agent day and needs to vent.
Author's Note: So after I saw Skyfall it didn't take long before I acquired a Q as a muse. Of course, my Benji muse wandered over and they started talking tech. After several re-watchings I had the idea of a group of tech people/hackers who commiserate with each other about crazy field agents. I had some difficulties deciding which hackers to include in this group and at some point I will probably write how they ended up setting up their private, super-secure chat. And how some of them forced their way in and were never really told to leave. And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill for several of the in-chat names.

Q is grumbling to himself... )

Author's Note the Second:

Q is Scrabble
          He is 007
Auggie is BlindMansBluff
Benji is FieldTech
          E is Ethan Hunt
          W is William Brandt
          The Phone is the phone from the end of MI4
Jensen is SupremeCommander
          C is Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez
Abby is GothGirl
Garcia is BabyGirl (even though she just gets a brief mention in this)
          S is Spencer Reid
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So, a couple weeks or so ago, [livejournal.com profile] brilligspoons  requested that I write a short fic, either a Grissom/Nick CSI story or an Abby+Tony friendship fic.  I started prodding the respective muses....

And was assaulted by my Abby muse, who usually isn't around much.  I've usually only got Tony and Gibbs from NCIS, but Abby came bounding in and hijacked my brain.  And so, she gave me this.  At present, it doesn't have a title, it's just a short little thing, but here it is!!


Abby looks after her friends.... )

So, is good?  Please be nice, it's the first fic I've posted on LJ.

Edit:  And these are the kinds of things I find when I'm bored.  http://www.tnt.tv/series/leverage/photos/?oid=49733-49790  It appears that Timothy Hutton plays piano.  Because that is clearly from a location for The Miracle Job, and there was no point where Nate ever sat down at a piano, and his posture is classic pianist(except for the slumped shoulders) even down to his wrists.  ^__^
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I have some really weird dreams.  And I'm not talking weird as in disjointed, crazy, random images/people/places/things that morph and change into other random images/people/places/things.  See, my dreams have freakin' plots.  And the weird thing is, my dreams are what spawn a lot of my stories.  Or, at least the fanfics.  Because a lot of the time, I dream about characters from tv shows.

For example:

Description of a couple of the more memorable dreams. )So, yeah.  The weird part is that sometimes, these dreams, spawn a story, and then the story just powers itself from there.

My brain works in strange ways.
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So, a few days ago, I posted a comment to a post by df_chipz, and jetpack_angel responded with something that got me thinking.  Basically the comment was that I should play a laywer on a tv show.  Which was really nice.  But it really got me thinking, and I realized that as much as I enjoy theater and good tv shows and movies, I really doubt I could be the one on stage/screen.  For starters, I'm not really fond of lawyers, although my mother could have been one, rather than the whole chemical engineering thing, and my sister was seriously addicted to the Law & Order shows when they were still fresh (especially SVU and CI).  I mean, I know where the whole idea of me being a tv laywer came from what with my whole argument, but that eloquent, argumentative version of myself only comes out when I'm seriously annoyed and actually have a moment to gather my thoughts.  That, and the laywer parts never have any good humor bits.  Which, in considering, I would fail at anyways.  I'd probably burst into laughter halfway through a scene and have to start over, and it wouldn't necessarily be something that happened on set.  I'd catch something happening behind the cameras or off to one side, or I'd just burst out at a line.  I mean, that's my thing.  I'm watching CSI or CSI: NY or NCIS and one of the character will say or do something, and I'll just snigger, because whatever it was they did will have been so......... them that I just find it absolutely hilarious.  I'm not sure I'm making sense.

Anyways, I kinda realized that I'd rather do some of the writing for a show, rather than the actual acting.  I'm more of a behind-the-scenes gal.  Either the writing or sound tech or a props/set person.  Because then, watching the actors, if I was going to laugh, I could actually cover my mouth and keep myself quiet. 

Anyways.  Thats kinda been floating around my head since the comment was made, and I just wanted to get it out of my system.


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