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So, first off, my head hurts like anything, and it's mostly sinuses, and my afrin has done absolutely nothing for it, and I can't take sudafed unless I want to totally flip my heart out.  I just want to curl up somewhere dark and sleep for a day.

Second, and actually kinda funny was this woman at the store today.  So theres this one store that has these.... thingies on their carts to hook them together, and you put in a quarter and can unhook a cart and use it.  When you're done you leash it back to the other carts and get your quarter back.  This saves money on people to go and get carts from the parking lot and also on stolen carts.  Well, this one woman, she had a big heavy box, and a smaller box, and she didn't have a cart.  So as she's leaving the store she's muttering something along the lines of "fucking ridiculous, a quarter for a cart" and I'm thinking that, A) you get your quarter back and B) someone really needs to get laid.

Yeah, that's it.  Oh, and I have to go sing with my head pounding and feeling like it weighs about twenty pounds.
In other news, I start my new job on Monday!  :D  Which [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel  will be glad to know is not working for The Devil.  I'll be a counselor at a horse camp for the summer.  So, lots of horses and little kids.  Should be fun.
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Spent several hours up on King St, which is full of little boutique stores, small chains, and a couple antique shops.  Quite a bit of that time was in one of the antique shops, where I saw a WWI era gurney.  O.O  Took pictures.  :D  Took pictures of a lot of other interesting stuff.  Shall try to post some of the pictures later.  Also, saw mugs with fun sayings, one of which was "Up to no good... Want to join me?"  WANT!!!!!!  Anyways.  Another was "Save the earth~ It's the only planet that has chocolate!"  Also WANT!!!!  Manged to resist.  Very pleased with myself.  For now, off to have dinner with a friend! 
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I have a bunch of new shirts, including a polo, something I've never owned before, 3 tank tops, and a dark grey tee with black velour designs on the front and back.  I especially love the back, because it has a pair of wings, and they are gorgeous!  Love it!!  Also, I've discovered the awesomeness of guys' cargo shorts.  Awesomely comfy, and something I won't shred in a few months!  I have a tendency to be very hard on my clothes.  :D


I was gonna post that before now, but I haven't really had the chance.  Kinda strange, but also geekishly awesome.

Oh, and I'm bored out of my freaking skull.  Because I got used to being essentially autonomous at school.  And being able to walk up to King St and wander around the shops.  Which was always fun.  And there was usually something to do on campus. Aside from cleaning. Which gets old pretty damn fast. I have been doing quite a bit of writing. When I get the chance and when I have the inspiration, which isn't always at the same time. But I have several stories started, and I'm planning on getting pretty far in before I start posting. so [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel should not expect me to be posting any of my CSI story in her We Don't Die universe anytime soon.  It'll be a while.
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I went shopping this evening.  Headed over to Borders to see if I could use my gift cards up.  Spent an hour or so browsing through the Graphic Novels before I settled on two.  Almost bought the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" one, because it was full of Steampunkish awesome, but decided to get "The Unwritten" and "The Surrogates" instead.  Both of which should be good reads.  :D

After that I headed to Barnes & Noble and had trouble finding Alice, which I fell in love with when Sci-Fi showed it.  Had to ask they guy working for help, and we managed to find it in the Sci-Fi section under the "G"s.  **Facepalm**

But, very pleased with myself, because I manged to use up both Borders gift cards, and of the three B&N cards the last one has $3 and change on it.  :D


Jun. 8th, 2010 07:00 pm
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So, I went and bought conditioner yesterday, And I got the same stuff I've been getting for the past 2-3 years or so.  Today I finally get around to using it and what do I find?  They've changed the formula.  The new stuf REEKS!!  I kid you not.  I sneezed in the fucking shower.  Because of the goddamned perfume.  The old formula smelled nice, faintly tropical, and clean.  New stuff?  Smells like a truckful of coconuts slammed into a truckful of hibiscus.  Each scent on it's own is fine.  I'm not a fan of coconut, but it's not horrible.  Together?  Disgusting.  Absolutely horrendous.  I'm tempted to write a scathing letter telling them how much I don't like the new stuff.  And why is it that everything has to have fucking perfume in it?  I'm basically allergic to most perfumes!  I end up coughing/sneezing/unable to breathe because of some, and most just give me hellacious headaches.  It sucks.  Majorly.

Edit:  Also, I might be going to a friend's house for Stargate/cooking/girly giggle-fest/hanging out Thursday, which totally rocks.  Because tomorrow I'm transplanting my rosebush to next to the mailbox, because we never get anything out of it where it is.  By the mailbox we'll see it every day.  :D  I love my rose.  The blooms come out this lovely pale pink and the sun turns them this amazing magenta that's almost purplish.  Gorgeous.


Apr. 27th, 2010 02:23 pm
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One more week and I am done with my first year of college.  I'm rather daunted by this fact, as it means I have to go home for the summer.  I'm not really sure I want to.  I've rather gotten used to being on my own and doing things my way.  I'm a little spoiled for it.  I dunno how I'm gonna deal with the parentals now.  I predict some rather strange interactions from now on.  Geez, I don't want to leave, oddly enough.  OK, yeah, I'm happy to be done with classes, but I'm really gonna miss this place.  And being able to wander around the dorm whenever I want without the dog getting up to follow me/barking when I close her in my room.  But anyways.  I have to go do some shopping, with a rather strange shopping list that includes more root beer, pop tarts, chef boyardee raviolli, vinegar, and possibly a cheep fleece jacket.  Lovely.
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So.... My stomach and my intestines decided they wanted to not get along today.  And my lower intestines pulled my bladder in on it, and my stomach seems to have hijacked liver/spleen/kidney area, and so I'm all tense, so my entire body is sore.  And the tums I've been popping all day have done nothing for me.  And I think I'm giving myself a fever because it's making me all kinds of stressed, along with the possible stupidity, although when I went down to the park near my dorm with the little creek and sat on various rocks with my feet in the water and the sun and reading LotR(finally) and relaxing, it got a little better.  Until I came back to my dorm room.  And I'm beginning to think my room is the start of this whole thing, because the AC unit isn't working, so we have to leave the window open or the room gets hellaciously hot(with two computers, a microfridge, a tv, and various small electronics, it does), except at night, when it gets really cold.  So I've been living in a room that fluxes between really cold and hellaciously hot.  Not really conducive to good health.  Also, I might have gotten whatever minor cold my roomie's been fighting the past few days.  But I'm missing fencing.  Which makes me sad.  But it would be a bad idea to go and work out feeling like this, mostly out of the fear of throwing up(which would be mostly liquid, seeing as I haven't really eaten all day(sorry for the TMI moment, I do that when I'm sick)) and the danger of doing so wearing the fencing mask.  Even more gross.  And now I'm trying crackers and ginger ale.  And it is a bad idea to put carbonated beverages in ceramic mugs, because they don't stop fizzing.  This, I am just now finding out. XD

So. My possible stupidity.  Saturday I went out shopping at Wal-Mart, which was kinda confusing, because they've been remodeling, so nothing is where it should be, and I'm a creature of habit, damnit, so stop changing the freaking store layout on me.  Anyways.  Yeah, went shopping.  Got a few foodstuffs, then wandered over to the electronics.  Some 30-year-old guy hit on me and didn't believe me when I told him I'm 19 until I showed him on my license(which still says "under 18" because I'm a lazy sod).  So that was freaky, and then I decided I was finally going to get an iPod.  Which may or may not have been the dumbest thing I've done in a while.  And you know what?  I dropped $150 for it.  Not the smartest move when I'm basically a broke college student with no steady income.  XP  And I keep having to reiterate why buying an iPod was actually a practical move, and not simply "ohh, pretty blue nano, WANTSMUSTBUYNOW" sillyness.  And it's only partly working.  Because I'm still a little worried that my parents(who are paying for my college tuition) are going to think I'm an absolute idiot for doing this.  And yes, I've been applying for jobs, and yes, I'm hoping to have a job for the summer, but buying an iPod before I have some regular income was a bit impulsive.  so.  Yeah, that's about it.

Also, because I have been looking for summer work, while at Wal-Mart I had the crazy(read: really stupid) idea to apply for a summer job there.  Lucky for me, I didn't follow through on that idea. XD

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So, I got Torchwood Season 1 for X-mas!  It made me squee mightily and dance wildly.  Will be avidly watching for the next five weeks.  Again, and again, and again....  Also got lots of socks, which were much needed.  Surprisingly, no quarters for laundry.  Oh, a snow tube, for when I go back to my school.  New clothes with x-mas money, and new slippers, and.... Oh, went shopping today, and got snowpants, ski gloves, a ski/snowboarding helmet and goggles, and a nice ski jacket.  For fairly good prices.

Did not get a white x-mas, despite being in Buffalo, NY.   It rained.  Snowed a little today, but not much.  Hoping for snow tonight, as that would mean we might actually get snow before we head back to NC.  Anywhosle, I've been eating too many x-mas cookies, and poteca, which I made with my Grandma and Sister, and other sweet stuff, so I'm buzzing right now.


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