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Sooooo.... I claimed a prompt?  For the After Holidays Prompt Fest on [livejournal.com profile] stevedannoslash .  I am a glutton for punishment, considering I'm already writing 2 other H50 fics, one of which is Cliche!fic, and the other is some kind of monstrosity that is taking over my brain, A Losers Jensen/Cougar fic, and, probably oddest of all, a Virgil(Static)/Richie(Gear) fluff piece(from the kids' cartoon "Static Shock") for a friend's birthday over on DeviantArt.  

WHAT AM I THINKING!!  I'm a college student with little enough time for myself as it is, what with classes and homework and hanging out and clubs.  And if those aren't enough, there's at least four other stories rattling around, and various fandom muses I've picked up and aren't even giving me anything useful.  **pouts**  I'm just never going to sleep again.  Ever.  My life is nuts.
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I want to hear John Barrowman singing "Puttin' On The Ritz" so bad.  I'm not even entirely sure why, just that I do, because it would be awesome.

Also, I should resist the urge to explore new fandoms.  The ones I have are plenty, despite the exceptionally strong urge to watch White Collar now.  Someone please tell me I should not do this.

Also, Cat!Dean has taken over my brain courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] taylor_serenil and I'm torn between begging her to write some, and writing some myself.  **headdesk**  Although, I am very excited for the new season of Dark Blue!!  Although, I should finish/post the story I've been writing, but I'm a bit lost as to a title for it.  I'm very bad at titles.  And I really want to get this thing posted, so I can stop agonizing over tiny little mistakes and futzing with it and actually get around to writing the second chapter, even though I don't even have a title for the whole thing yet.

And I need to work on the CSI story that [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel  said I could write in her We Don't Die universe, except that Grissom doesn't make a very good muse, because he doesn't talk, he just notices things, and Nick get's really nervous about the most random things to get nervous about, and it's really annoying.  And Greg rambles like me, because he gets excited/nervous/worked up in any way and that's just what he does.  **Bangs head against wall**

In other words, my head is a very noisy, but very unproductive place.


Nov. 15th, 2009 01:52 pm
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Ok, I really shouldn't let [personal profile] jetpack_angel introduce me to new fandoms, because my head is already crowded with enough muses as is. And most of my muses aren't even productive. But now I've gotten a Carter/Dean set in my head, and Dean's just whispering dirty things to me, but nothing that I can use, and Carter's just giving him that **look** and leaning back in his chair. And the rest of my muses have ceased all pretense of productivity in favor of meeting the newcomers. And none of them are paying me any attention, and it's impossible to try and separate them, because they just come and go as they please in my head. **grumbles**

On a completely separate note, I need to find someplace that serves pancakes all day, for fairly cheap, because the pancakes in the cafeteria aren't that great. If that means I have to go several miles down the road to find an ihop or a waffle house, I'll do it. I'll even walk if I have too.

Edit: Found a place that serves pancakes, and it's only up on King St, so it's walkable from my dorm. Dunno why I hadn't thought of going there before, even though I've been there before.
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Seriously.  I feel like I got run over by a mack truck.  My shoulders are on fire.  Or rather, I feel like someone smashed a railroad spike through my shoulder.  And my hips have gone all wonky.  And I haven't been sleeping well, because my bed isn't that great, and I'm generally unhappy with my life.  Not to mention the three page paper I have to write by tuesday.  Shitty.  And I hate candy commercials.  Or commercials for anthing tasty.

More ramblings under the cut. )

I think I'm done now.


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