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Was bored, and biked down to blockbuster, and was mostly just wandering around looking at movies, kinda sorta trying to find Mirrormask(I didn't, btw), but I did find Tin Man.  So I rented the first "Volume" which is, basically, the first two parts.  And I adore Glitch.  So much. This is Glitch.  And DG, who is also pretty awesome.  But as much as I love Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cummings as Glitch just makes this so much better.  He's only got half a brain, and he has a zipper in his head from "having his marbles stolen" from him, and he tends to repeat himself, forget things/names/places, and is kinda ditzy, but so awesome.  I'm going to make a "Ha Ha!" icon with this picture.  :D  Also, I can't decide whether to ship Glitch/Cain, or Glitch/DG, because Glitch/Cain would be hilarious and kinda adorable, but Glitch/DG is really just adorable(and maybe slightly creepy, considering he was her mother's advisor, and is therefore lots older than her), and would generally be pretty kick-ass.

Also, he's pretty awesome in a fight.

The guy with the hat is Cain.

And it's just generally awesome because it's kinda a steampunk version of The Wizard Of Oz only, so much better than just a steampunk version of The Wizard Of Oz.
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But first, a bit of freaking out.  Because tomorrow is the first football game, and because I'm in the marching band, I have to be up at the stadium at 9 for run-through, and I won't be done until after 7.  And I do not feel ready at all, partly because it is 9/11, and partly because I've been sick basically all week, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.  Fuck.

So, anyways.  Last weekend was kinda crazy.  Went home for the long weekend, YAY for having Monday off!  Which was, honestly, probably more stressful than it should have been.  Yeah.  But, I did get to go to a party with some friends (my best friend from high school's boyfriends 21st b-day party) and watched most everyone there get drunk, or at least buzzed/tipsy.  Although, the boyfriend did end up on the floor at one point, because "It's cooler than the sofa."  Honestly, he pretty much slid/rolled off the sofa, and was to uncoordinated to get up.  So that was pretty fun.  Then I went to see "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with neighbors and mom, and we were quite pleased with the geek factor of it.  We were all quite baffled that it got such bad reviews.  It was supposed to be action/comedy, and it was.  You just needed to be pretty geeky to get a lot of the comedy.  Oh, and the shirt Dave (the protagonist) was wearing in the last bit?  This one.  Awesome.  I kinda yanked on my mom's arm and whispered urgently at her, and she totally missed what I was saying.... Both times.  XD  I'm really kind of annoyed that the reviewers didn't like it, because it's physics geek (who, honestly, isn't all that great looking and has a kinda funny voice) gets music geek, plus age-old romance finally fufilled.  And Tesla coils.  Lots of Tesla coils.  And awesome special effects.  :D  Geek heaven.  Especially some of the comic bits.  I seriously think all geeks should see it.  I want to own it.  :D

Anyways.  long day tomorrow, presuming I'm not dead from mega-cold.
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I went shopping this evening.  Headed over to Borders to see if I could use my gift cards up.  Spent an hour or so browsing through the Graphic Novels before I settled on two.  Almost bought the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" one, because it was full of Steampunkish awesome, but decided to get "The Unwritten" and "The Surrogates" instead.  Both of which should be good reads.  :D

After that I headed to Barnes & Noble and had trouble finding Alice, which I fell in love with when Sci-Fi showed it.  Had to ask they guy working for help, and we managed to find it in the Sci-Fi section under the "G"s.  **Facepalm**

But, very pleased with myself, because I manged to use up both Borders gift cards, and of the three B&N cards the last one has $3 and change on it.  :D
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Heh, [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel is gonna be jealous!! I now have DragonHeart on DVD!!!!!!  **RUNS AROUND SQUEEING!!**

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I'm watching "The Monkey King" on SciFi... sorry, SyFy channel, and being highly amused by Thomas Gibson playing such an awkward character, in such an amusing and childish movie series. I find myself giggling uncontrollable at the guy who plays Hotch on CM being so... awkward. .... I should not be watching tv when I'm this tired.

And I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love with that slow smile Thomas Gibson has, because it's freaking sexy as hell, and cute, and makes my knees go kinda weak.
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My shoulder is acting up again.  And I tried putting ice on it before it got bad, but it didn't do anything.  It just kinda, delayed the inevitable.  Only, this time, it never got up to the point where it's so excruciating I almost pass out.  Which is, apparently, what has to happen before it starts to feel better, because it's aching, STILL.

And, I watched the current episode of CSI online.  And it made me squee not a few times in happiness.  Especially the bit where Greggo is talking to himself, and the bit where Hodges is all "I just want you to be happy." towards Wendy.  Even though she's trying to pull a "Sanders" and go into the field.  Growled at the idea that Ecklie was keeping Wendy out of the field, especially when the night shift is still short a pair of hands.  Laughed when Nick was about to jimmy open the lock on his vic's house with a credit card/id badge.  Also when Doc Robbins clapped to turn his lights off/on.  Went "Awwwww" when Nick was talking to the first vic.

Also, watched all three of "The Librarian" movies on TNT.  Decided they are the ultimate geek's action movie.  Spent most of my time watching sans pants, so whenever I needed to leave my dorm room for something, I had to jump off my bed and go, "Where did I put my pants this time?" before I could go anywhere.

Soooo.... pain makes me ramble, apparently.  I'm done now.


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