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I think that about sums up the season Finale of Leverage.
See below the cut for my rambling semi-commentary on the episode.

WARNING: Spoilers contained here-in. )


In other news, I'm quite annoyed, because my College has canceled classes 7 times now.  It's pissing me off, because we're still expected to cover all the material.  It SUCKS.
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I cannot stop giggling. Because this was just.... Hilarious. I'll have a great lot to say about this later on, but for now, I'm just going to roll about on my bed giggling insanely.

Edit: Ok, now that I've managed to calm down:

Episode Review!!

Rather lengthy review under the cut... )
So yeah. This episode is definitely now one of my favorites now. Because it was simply hilarious. Especially everything with all the guys out in the middle of nowhere.
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So, I don't really feel up to writing a review for this one. The whole thing was starting to seem.... anticlimactic. I mean, I just wasn't really feeling it. The whole thing just seemed to drag on for way too long. And the idea that Langston was getting obsessive over this one case, and no one had talked to him about it was more than a little wrong. Obsession in a CSI is a bad thing, because they stop looking at the evidence objectively. They stop seeing evidence and start seeing the blood/hair/skin of a person who was injured or killed. A CSI has to be able to detach from the case and the evidence, and Langston can't. That was the major thing that Grissom always stressed about his CSIs. He had to know that they could detach the victim from the evidence. That was the major problem with Sara. And it was a pretty big problem with Nick too, for a long time. I can't see Catherine, Nick, and Greg letting a member of their team go down that route. If Langston continues to invest all his extra, and some on-the-clock, time to some cases, he's going to run himself into the ground.

In other news, I'm watching old CSI episodes, which make me very happy, because Grissom and Warrick are still part of the team.
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Ok, I'm calm enough now to actually write my review now, and this one won't be a moment-by-moment chatter.

CSI Trilogy, Part 2 NY )
In other news, I got the H1N1 flu mist yesterday, and now I've been having a mild reaction to it. Headache, the cold but hot feeling I get when I've got a fever, nausea, body aches, dizzyness. Generally feeling not too great.
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So, I decided I would write a running commentary for each portion of the CSI three-way crossover, and voice my opinions, thoughts, and comments on the events as they occur in the episode.  So here we go.

CSI Trilogy, Part 1: Miami )

Ok, so, this doesn't seem nearly as good of a review as I could write, mostly because I don't really know so much of the character's stories anymore.  I really stopped watching Miami in it's sixth season, after Alexx left.  And most of the episodes I see on like, TNT and such are older episodes, when Alexx is still the ME.  So this reveiw doesn't seem very good, and I feel bad even posting it in all it's poor quality.  I apologize for it's incompleteness.  It seems like a bit of an insult to post this, when it feels so incomplete.  Sorry.
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So this is my review of CSI: NY 606, so in fair warning, if you haven't seen it yet, don't read under the cut, becasue HERE BE SPOILERAGE!  There.  If you haven't watched and you spoil it for yourself, don't blame me.  I warned you.
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On a completely unrelated note, I should not stay up all night, no matter what all kinds of interesting conversations I may be having with [personal profile] jetpack_angel, because it just makes it almost impossible for me to stay awake in my 9 AM calculus class.  And then when I take a nap at 3 in the afternoon, I sleep until 10:45, at which point all the food places on campus are closed, and I don't feel like asking anyone to drive me to Cookout, or Wendy's, or ordering pizza, so I end up having one of those ready to heat individual ravioli things. And a soda, because the machine downstairs was out of milk.


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