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Sooooo.... I claimed a prompt?  For the After Holidays Prompt Fest on [livejournal.com profile] stevedannoslash .  I am a glutton for punishment, considering I'm already writing 2 other H50 fics, one of which is Cliche!fic, and the other is some kind of monstrosity that is taking over my brain, A Losers Jensen/Cougar fic, and, probably oddest of all, a Virgil(Static)/Richie(Gear) fluff piece(from the kids' cartoon "Static Shock") for a friend's birthday over on DeviantArt.  

WHAT AM I THINKING!!  I'm a college student with little enough time for myself as it is, what with classes and homework and hanging out and clubs.  And if those aren't enough, there's at least four other stories rattling around, and various fandom muses I've picked up and aren't even giving me anything useful.  **pouts**  I'm just never going to sleep again.  Ever.  My life is nuts.
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 HARDISON!!! Hardison is in an episode of Bones!! **Squees**

That is all.
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Nuff said, really.  Eliot fighting with a mattock was totally epic.  I was pretty amazed by the moment where he broke the handle on the thing. !!!  Holy Crap!! 
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Ummmm, my sister is moving out?  I mean, really actually moving out, not just going off to college.  Parents went with her to get her stuff moved, so I'm kind of rattling around the house at the moment.  Weird.  Anyways, kind of wigging out about this suddenly.  I thought I was ready for this.

Also, got hooked on, not one show, but two!!!! ARGH!!!  White Collar is great.  I love Neal.  He's adorable and amusing and witty.  And I want to ruffle his hair.  YES, I have a bit of a hair obsession, do not judge me.  But the day I chose to watch some of the episodes, USA was also running episodes of Covert Affairs.  So I watched some of those.  And I decided I love Auggie.  He's such a great character!!  And the guy who plays him is amazing, because Auggie is blind, and he's got the can't-actually-focus-on-anything gaze down pat.  Love him to bits.  And Auggie probably knows more about the CIA than anyone else, but he isn't smug about it.  :D  Love him to bits!!! 
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Ok.  I am officially pissed.  I swear, there are some people who can make me go from relaxed and unworried to mad as a disturbed wasps' nest so fast.

**deep breath**

So, one thing I've gotten used to over the years is the usual fuss and furor over school reassignments each spring/summer for the local school district.  Parents squabble and complain for a little while but they get over it.  This year, things are different.  The idiot who ended up in charge of the school board is getting rid of the diversity policy so the school system can go back to "neighborhood" schools.  Now, one of the great things about living where I live is the schools.  NC gets a lot of transplanted yankees, many of whom are moving to raise their kids in a good school system.  Huh.  How about that?  Now, see, the county school system where I live has been a Nationally Recognized  school system ever since they started the diversity policy that's been in place for so long.  And the new head of the school board has decided that the best thing to do is dismantle it.  We get so many yankees moving down here because our schools are better!  Not just some of the schools in the good neighborhoods, but all of them.  And so this year, the debate over this decision hasn't died down, and parents and students aren't getting over it!  What does that tell you?  With the school reassignments, parents and students don't like them but they realize that it is a necessary mechanism to ensure that all students are given the same opportunities.  And another thing.  In the past when there's been a political issue locally, there are 3 high schools whose members are seen working side by side despite our own rivalry.  Same three schools every time, one of which I graduated from.  And the schools are three of the most diverse in our system, as well as magnet schools of various types.  And you want to dismantle the magnet program as well?  Magnet students have a wider world view because of the magnet program, rather than being totally from one class or race or area of the county, they come from all classes, all races, and all areas of the county.  And what really gets to me is what the head of the school board said about these young adults being active in the case!  He claimed that these teens, people who have drivers licenses, are being brainwashed/used by people as weapons.  At that age, if we want to do something politically, it is OUR decision.  Not our parents.  Not our teachers.  Not anyone but ourselves.  We are freethinking people, and perfectly capable of making our own decisions.  So basically, the guy's an ass.  And his days on the school board are numbered at this point.

So, now that I've bored you with my probably not so clear political-ish rambling I'll get to the bit of stupidity.  So I've been taking care of a neighbor's puppy while they were gone, which means taking her out every 2 hours or so.  Which means I had to get up at 6 to take her out.  So the other night, rather than going to bed around midnight, waking up around 5:50, going back to bed until 7-ish, and then being up for the day, I went to sleep at 4:50, and woke up at 7.... Heh.  Bad me.

Also, a couple weeks ago I was at the beach, and I saw some guy who I swear looked like Sam (from Burn Notice) except with longish hair.  And I mean, really looked like Sam.  It was pretty awesome/freaky.
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Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove Leverage!! So EPIC!!  Oh, man!  I cannot describe at this point how epic the new season is!  I'm so happy and excited!  And I totally enjoyed the little Parker/Hardison bit at the end of "The Reunion Job"

Oh Dear....

Apr. 7th, 2010 12:11 am
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I've gotten hooked on another show, and this time, I can't blame anyone but myself for it.  Which sucks, actually.  Although the fic I've found so far have been quite amusing, and much better in general than the fic in some fandoms.  So in all reality, I'm not totally disappointed about being hooked on "Merlin" because it is a great show.  Although it does make me want to wear my cloak, which may not be such a great idea in general. XD

TV Shows

Jan. 18th, 2010 12:45 am
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Hey [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel ,

I hate you.  And at the same time, I absolutely love you.

Let me count the ways:
1) Dark Blue
2) Burn Notice
3) Leverage

You kill me with all these shows.  I can't resist!  Because they all have amazing sexyness, and plenty of action.  And quite a lot of explosions. :D

So yes, I hate you.  But at the same time, you have made me a very happy fangirl.


Edit: Also, Eliot Spencer is the shit.  I want him to cook for me.  And punch a few assholes around campus for me. XD
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Just finished watching a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America, spanning all of David Tennant's seasons.  Started at midnight last night, and the regeneration was at 10 this evening.  46 hours of Doctor Who.  Although, we did go to bed, so we woke up at 6 in order to make it through the day.

And I've been working on a sculpy statue, just so my hands would have something to do.  It's going to be a tiger, and it is amazing so far.  **Grins**  I'll have to send [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel a picture of it when I've finished.
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And there is a good portion of me that blames my latest tv show addiction on [personal profile] jetpack_angel.  Dark Blue is now my latest obsession.  Because she kept mentioning the show and the characters, so I had to go and find out what it's all about.....  And damn if I wasn't hooked by the end of the Pilot.  So I really need to set a limit for myself on how many episodes I watch at night after midnight, when I've got a 9 AM class.



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