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Sooooo.... I claimed a prompt?  For the After Holidays Prompt Fest on [livejournal.com profile] stevedannoslash .  I am a glutton for punishment, considering I'm already writing 2 other H50 fics, one of which is Cliche!fic, and the other is some kind of monstrosity that is taking over my brain, A Losers Jensen/Cougar fic, and, probably oddest of all, a Virgil(Static)/Richie(Gear) fluff piece(from the kids' cartoon "Static Shock") for a friend's birthday over on DeviantArt.  

WHAT AM I THINKING!!  I'm a college student with little enough time for myself as it is, what with classes and homework and hanging out and clubs.  And if those aren't enough, there's at least four other stories rattling around, and various fandom muses I've picked up and aren't even giving me anything useful.  **pouts**  I'm just never going to sleep again.  Ever.  My life is nuts.
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Let's see... most of the east cost except for the New England states and Delaware, bits of the Gulf Coast, and a section of the West Coast/Midwest.
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**Gasp** Amazing!! My muses are actually being productive!! And this time when I blame [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel for it, the blame is happily given. I don't think my muses have been this busy without my adding permanent characters to the cast. Although, my throw-in to get the story started is pressing for her own storyline, and I am having to put my foot down rather hard. Also, I'm exhausted, so I'm actually going to sleep at a slightly more reasonable hour.

To muses who actually perform their jobs!!


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