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Title: "Dinnertime Interlude"
Series: Nightcrawler!Greg
Author: [livejournal.com profile] whogeek
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Characters/Pairings: Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders
Rating: PG
Word Count: 
Warnings: Mutants
Genre: Crossover kinda, domestic, fluff
Summary: Greg likes to watch Nick cook. And try and get recipes out of his boyfriend. Just a little bit of domestic fluff.
Author's Notes: Because I adore my Nightcrawler!Greg and his tendency to perch and watch people.  Also, because [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill is a bad influence.

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Title: "Starting Point"
Series: Nightcrawler!Greg
Author: [livejournal.com profile] whogeek
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Characters/Pairings: Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders, brief appearances of others
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5987
Warnings: Mutants, Awkward Greg, Awkward Nick, Weird Kinks, Tail sex, Smut
Genre: Crossover kinda, 
Summary: Greg works up the nerve to ask Nick out, and their relationship slowly grows.
Author's Notes: Seriously, I have no idea where this came from.  Greg is a Nightcrawler-like mutant, only he's green instead of blue (or red, if you're thinking of Azazel).  Mutants in this world are known and fairly well accepted, although not all mutants are blatant with their mutant abilities.  Thanks as always to [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill for her assistance in helping me with keeping this coherent.  Also, please be aware that the working title for this was "what the hell brain" and I only gave it a real title shortly before posting.  Take that as you will.

Greg looks up from where he's perching on a stool in his lab, )

Oh hell.

Feb. 1st, 2011 11:08 am
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So.... "Toe Tags" is on right now.  And every time I watch it, I end up with "Sleepers Awake" stuck in my head forever!! X( 
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I want to hear John Barrowman singing "Puttin' On The Ritz" so bad.  I'm not even entirely sure why, just that I do, because it would be awesome.

Also, I should resist the urge to explore new fandoms.  The ones I have are plenty, despite the exceptionally strong urge to watch White Collar now.  Someone please tell me I should not do this.

Also, Cat!Dean has taken over my brain courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] taylor_serenil and I'm torn between begging her to write some, and writing some myself.  **headdesk**  Although, I am very excited for the new season of Dark Blue!!  Although, I should finish/post the story I've been writing, but I'm a bit lost as to a title for it.  I'm very bad at titles.  And I really want to get this thing posted, so I can stop agonizing over tiny little mistakes and futzing with it and actually get around to writing the second chapter, even though I don't even have a title for the whole thing yet.

And I need to work on the CSI story that [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel  said I could write in her We Don't Die universe, except that Grissom doesn't make a very good muse, because he doesn't talk, he just notices things, and Nick get's really nervous about the most random things to get nervous about, and it's really annoying.  And Greg rambles like me, because he gets excited/nervous/worked up in any way and that's just what he does.  **Bangs head against wall**

In other words, my head is a very noisy, but very unproductive place.


Jul. 23rd, 2010 01:32 pm
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I've been watching CSI all day/reading fanfic/doing laundry and I came to a realization about Greg Sanders.  A couple days ago I was watching one of the episodes from season 9 (the one where Langston and Reiley get held hostage) and I was discussing with my dad how much Greg's character has grown and matured over the course of the series.  The last episode to show on Spike just now was "Big Shots" where Aaron James (Demetrius James' brother) is involved in an investigation, and Ms. James starts yelling and screaming at Greg that he "Owes her" and all the shit that's happened to her family is on him and insulting him and such.  Now, before this point, Greg would have felt all guilty and just stood there looking like a kicked puppy, but he doesn't.  Instead, he turns and confronts her, and stands up for himself, because he shouldn't feel guilty about the choices Demetrius made, and the choices Aaron has made since then.  In my mind, I can pretty well point to that episode as the one where Greg really comes into himself.  It's actually really impressive.
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 So [livejournal.com profile] brilligspoons posted this earlier, and I was bored and decided to see what it spat out for me.  Started with some of my story bits and got  H.P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, Chuck Palahniuk, and James Joyce.  Decided to crank one of my poems through and got Vladimir Nabokov.  A different poem got Stephen King..... What?  A third poem came up as James Joyce.  I don't think the thing is smart enough to recognize poetry when it gets it.  I wonder if they have one specifically for poetry?

This is my result for a story I might actually post on here that'll be longer than a one-shot/drabble.

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Also, my local paper has this wonderword thing it does on Sundays, and this week it's all CSI stuff!!  I was really really psyched about that.

Also, I really, really, really can't wait to go back to school.  I love my parents.  I really do, but they get on my last nerves, because they pick at each other so much.  And I miss the mountains so damn much.  I hate this heat, because it's so freaking oppressive.  I mean, you go outside and I swear you get wet just walking.  And not just from sweat.  The mountains tend to be about twenty degrees cooler, and when it rains it actually helps the heat index, rather than making it worse.  I can handle heat.  I have no real problem with heat.  I was always one of the people closest to the fire (aka the one holding a stick and poking it) at camp and such.  But this wet heat absolutely kills me.
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I have a bunch of new shirts, including a polo, something I've never owned before, 3 tank tops, and a dark grey tee with black velour designs on the front and back.  I especially love the back, because it has a pair of wings, and they are gorgeous!  Love it!!  Also, I've discovered the awesomeness of guys' cargo shorts.  Awesomely comfy, and something I won't shred in a few months!  I have a tendency to be very hard on my clothes.  :D


I was gonna post that before now, but I haven't really had the chance.  Kinda strange, but also geekishly awesome.

Oh, and I'm bored out of my freaking skull.  Because I got used to being essentially autonomous at school.  And being able to walk up to King St and wander around the shops.  Which was always fun.  And there was usually something to do on campus. Aside from cleaning. Which gets old pretty damn fast. I have been doing quite a bit of writing. When I get the chance and when I have the inspiration, which isn't always at the same time. But I have several stories started, and I'm planning on getting pretty far in before I start posting. so [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel should not expect me to be posting any of my CSI story in her We Don't Die universe anytime soon.  It'll be a while.
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So... y'know how Spike runs old CSI episodes basically all day?  Episode right now is "Play With Fire" which is the one where Greg gets exploded. 


I hate this episode as much as I love it.  Poor Greggo.
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I cannot stop giggling. Because this was just.... Hilarious. I'll have a great lot to say about this later on, but for now, I'm just going to roll about on my bed giggling insanely.

Edit: Ok, now that I've managed to calm down:

Episode Review!!

Rather lengthy review under the cut... )
So yeah. This episode is definitely now one of my favorites now. Because it was simply hilarious. Especially everything with all the guys out in the middle of nowhere.
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This is just a commentary on like, the last 3 minutes or so of the episode. And the bit closer to the beginning with Nick and Greg back behind the lanes.

A handful of random comments... )

So yeah. No review, just a few random comments about my favorite little moments.
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So, I don't really feel up to writing a review for this one. The whole thing was starting to seem.... anticlimactic. I mean, I just wasn't really feeling it. The whole thing just seemed to drag on for way too long. And the idea that Langston was getting obsessive over this one case, and no one had talked to him about it was more than a little wrong. Obsession in a CSI is a bad thing, because they stop looking at the evidence objectively. They stop seeing evidence and start seeing the blood/hair/skin of a person who was injured or killed. A CSI has to be able to detach from the case and the evidence, and Langston can't. That was the major thing that Grissom always stressed about his CSIs. He had to know that they could detach the victim from the evidence. That was the major problem with Sara. And it was a pretty big problem with Nick too, for a long time. I can't see Catherine, Nick, and Greg letting a member of their team go down that route. If Langston continues to invest all his extra, and some on-the-clock, time to some cases, he's going to run himself into the ground.

In other news, I'm watching old CSI episodes, which make me very happy, because Grissom and Warrick are still part of the team.
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My shoulder is acting up again.  And I tried putting ice on it before it got bad, but it didn't do anything.  It just kinda, delayed the inevitable.  Only, this time, it never got up to the point where it's so excruciating I almost pass out.  Which is, apparently, what has to happen before it starts to feel better, because it's aching, STILL.

And, I watched the current episode of CSI online.  And it made me squee not a few times in happiness.  Especially the bit where Greggo is talking to himself, and the bit where Hodges is all "I just want you to be happy." towards Wendy.  Even though she's trying to pull a "Sanders" and go into the field.  Growled at the idea that Ecklie was keeping Wendy out of the field, especially when the night shift is still short a pair of hands.  Laughed when Nick was about to jimmy open the lock on his vic's house with a credit card/id badge.  Also when Doc Robbins clapped to turn his lights off/on.  Went "Awwwww" when Nick was talking to the first vic.

Also, watched all three of "The Librarian" movies on TNT.  Decided they are the ultimate geek's action movie.  Spent most of my time watching sans pants, so whenever I needed to leave my dorm room for something, I had to jump off my bed and go, "Where did I put my pants this time?" before I could go anywhere.

Soooo.... pain makes me ramble, apparently.  I'm done now.


Oct. 30th, 2009 06:17 pm
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I'm not entirely sure what to think of all three CSI shows crossing over each other.  I mean, yeah, it could make for an interesting dynamic to have the different shows interact, but I'm a little confused.  Is it really just Langston crossing through all three?  Because if it is, that would kinda suck, because I would love for Mac and Horatio to end up in Vegas, working with all three teams.

Hot damn, that would be one hell of a story.  And tough to write all those characters interacting across states.

Anyways.  I've been looking at all the previews and such, and the behind-the-scenes stuff, and I must admit I'm rather intrigued.  Still rather pissed that they pulled in a new actor as the lead role on CSI, rather than using one of the three originals who are still with the show, and that he's the one who gets to go through all three shows, but that's not really the point.

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So, a few days ago, I posted a comment to a post by df_chipz, and jetpack_angel responded with something that got me thinking.  Basically the comment was that I should play a laywer on a tv show.  Which was really nice.  But it really got me thinking, and I realized that as much as I enjoy theater and good tv shows and movies, I really doubt I could be the one on stage/screen.  For starters, I'm not really fond of lawyers, although my mother could have been one, rather than the whole chemical engineering thing, and my sister was seriously addicted to the Law & Order shows when they were still fresh (especially SVU and CI).  I mean, I know where the whole idea of me being a tv laywer came from what with my whole argument, but that eloquent, argumentative version of myself only comes out when I'm seriously annoyed and actually have a moment to gather my thoughts.  That, and the laywer parts never have any good humor bits.  Which, in considering, I would fail at anyways.  I'd probably burst into laughter halfway through a scene and have to start over, and it wouldn't necessarily be something that happened on set.  I'd catch something happening behind the cameras or off to one side, or I'd just burst out at a line.  I mean, that's my thing.  I'm watching CSI or CSI: NY or NCIS and one of the character will say or do something, and I'll just snigger, because whatever it was they did will have been so......... them that I just find it absolutely hilarious.  I'm not sure I'm making sense.

Anyways, I kinda realized that I'd rather do some of the writing for a show, rather than the actual acting.  I'm more of a behind-the-scenes gal.  Either the writing or sound tech or a props/set person.  Because then, watching the actors, if I was going to laugh, I could actually cover my mouth and keep myself quiet. 

Anyways.  Thats kinda been floating around my head since the comment was made, and I just wanted to get it out of my system.
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Crap.  Crapcrapcrap.  I hate fasting.  Stupid blood-work.  I haven't eaten since,  11:30 last night, and it's now 10 the next day.  I'm hungry, and that makes me irritable.   ...... I can't even drink anything.

Now that I've had my rant... I've definitely been watching too much CSI and CSI: NY lately.  I've been thinking in the character's voices.  It's about to drive me batshit crazy.  I mean, really, I have got to stop obsessively watching reruns on Spike.  I've got two perfectly good seasons on DVD. .... Not that I didn't initially polish those off in the week after I got each.

But definitely too much NY.  Danny and Don have set up residence in my head, and are either happily bickering with one of my own characters and corrupting them, or simply bickering with themselves.  Or me.  And occasionally they bring Adam around, and he gets nervous and starts babbling.

Oh and I've got to pack today so I can move into my dorm on Sunday.  I'm about to go out of my brain, and I still have other stuff to do before I can get that done.

I'm clearly quite stressed.


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