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So I spent this past weekend at an archaeology conference, mostly for people who do experimental or recreational archaeology.  There were a lot of presentations of papers, which was interesting, but boring at the same time, and Saturday afternoon we actually got to do some hands-on stuff.  I got to try my hand at making a viking bead with glass (it broke, unfortunately, but I had fun trying), I made some cordage (thin cord made out of various plant materials) and made a bracelet with what I made.  The best part was that I got to smelt some iron.  We weren't actually smelting from iron ore, but rather from some scrap iron, to make a lump of iron that could potentially be worked into a blade or something.  So now I have a 536 gram lump of blade-quality iron.

AND I FINALLY KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY ARCHAEOLOGY STUFF!!  I want to learn blacksmithing, and do experimental stuff, and maybe work at a living history place or something.  I mean, before it was just "archaeology, cool stuff, get to dig in the dirt!" and all the other archaeology students I talked to were like "what's your concentration/focus?" and I just didn't know.  But know I really do know, and it's such a fantastic feeling.

Anyways, I feel like I've been so out of touch with people on lj, and I haven't posted in ages.  So how are people doing?
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So, some of you may remember that back in early December I went a bit depressive and stuff, and came up with a plan to get myself to a better place.  So I figure it's been a while, and I'm actually about to finish my counseling(what idiot came up with a 10-session limit for my campus counseling center?), and I've come to a decision on a major.

I actually took a couple of tests to figure out what my strengths are, and what jobs are best suited to those strengths.  Then, over spring break last week I did some research on some different careers, and I've come to a decision about what major I'm going to be switching to.  I'm going to go for an Anthropology major, with a concentration in Archaeology, and probably minoring in psychology or sociology.  I realized that as much as I enjoy chemistry and science, I wouldn't be happy sitting in a lab all day and doing the same basic motions over and over and over.  If I have a BA in Anthropology I'll be doing field work(which is what I want to do), but I won't be stuck in a lab every single day.  It'll be some lab stuff(filing, sorting, classifying, etc), dig sites, and working with museums and such.  It took my mom a little while, but after she thought over it some she realized that it really was a good fit for me.  So, hopefully in a couple of days I'll go talk to my advisor about changing my major and sorting that out.

One of my friends said: "It'll be like CSI, only not as dead."  And my response was: "Well, technically, it's like CSI stuff, but more dead."

But I really have to thank everyone who offered me support and advice during all that.  Especially [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel and [livejournal.com profile] thebritpopkid  for their "I've been there" wisdom.


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