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So, there was some religious zelot out on the big green space at my campus today, spewing off about how everyone's going to hell, becasue there are girls wearing pants, and going to college, and they're all harlots, and the boys are all terrible people, and it's this generation that will destroy the world.  HA! And so he's spewin off about this stuff, and generally making an ass of himself, and me and another girl a standing up a little hill over this gathering of people around him arguing and laughing at him and generally poking fun of his zelotry, and I'm finding it absolutely hilarious.  So anyways, and he's talking about how everyone is going to hell, and he says something about when he was 2 months old, and I'm like, "Sure, you can remember everything that happened to you when you were 2 months old and probably only just learning how to hold your head up."  Ha.

So there's this crowd, and no one is taking him seriously, and he got this big sign condemning just about everyone: theives, liars, homosexuals, etc, etc, and people are just laughing at his insanity.  All of a sudden, this guy with a bottle of Mountain Dew (don't ask me why I noticed that, I just did) speaks up, and basically tells the crowd off for encouraging him by listening to him, and arguing with him, because he just wants to make a spectacle, and by forming a crowd around him, we're doing just what he wants.  And he says that the zelot loses his influence/power when you stop paying attention and just ignore him.  So the crowd does this whole "look at each other in surprise/beusement/realization" thing, and just disperses.

It was like--
"Everyone is going to Hell" Religious Zelot: 0
Random guy with a bottle of Mountain Dew: 1

Pretty epic.
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