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 I can’t even look at him today. I know Ty and Jamie are thinking we got into a fight last night, and I guess in a way we did. But the two of them have been to the kitchen twice, and they keep sending us these weird glances every so often. I’m getting irritated now, and when Jaimie shoots another glance at me and then locks eyes with Ty I can’t help pushing aside my paperwork and storming to the kitchen myself. I know Carter’s watching my back the whole way, and I half expect him to come into the kitchen and confront me himself. I pull open the fridge and look inside for a bottle of water. Except the first thing I see is a shelf full of those fruit cups Carter eats all the time. Feeling a little rebellious I grab one and rummage in a drawer for a spoon.

“Don’t let Carter catch you eating that.” I send a glare at Ty as he strolls in casually.

“You here to figure out what’s going on between us today?”

“Come on Dean, don’t give me shit…”

“Why not? You and Jaimie have been in here twice to talk about what the hell is up between us.” I set the fruit cup down, maybe a little too forcefully, because some of the juice sloshes out over my hand. “And then you keep looking at us and then each other again. If there’s something wrong between me and Carter you need to keep out of it.”

“I just want to know what you two got into a fight about. Last time you and Carter acted like this was after the Fed almost got killed.” The question on his face is clear: What happened this time, when the job went smoother than some.

“We had a disagreement last night. That’s all.” I know he thinks I’m just dismissing the whole thing by the disbelieving look on his face. I ignore him and walk back out of the kitchen.

Jaimie finishes her chunk of the paperwork first, and she leaves with a little grin on her face, saying something about having to get ready for a dinner date later. Carter’s been prowling around a bit, and he makes his way into the kitchen as I finish my part. I glance at my watch before standing and stretching.

I suddenly realize how hungry I’ve gotten, and I head for the kitchen myself. Carter looks up when I come in and lifts one eyebrow. It’s the first I’ve looked at him all day, and I suddenly realize he looks tired, and a little bit unsure. “You the one eating my fruit cups?”

“What is it with you and those fruit cups?” There’s a twinge of regret for my rash actions earlier as I speak.

Carter smiles a little, one corner of his mouth quirking up just a little, and I let out a brief grin for that. “Dean…”

“Not now. Ty.” I jerk my head towards the main area of the loft, and Carter nods. “IceFire. 8:30.” Another nod of understanding, and I turn and head out.

My whole body is tense with anticipation now, and I figure I’ll get some food and hit the shooting range and then one of the local dojos. I’ll probably hit the dojo Mandy goes to. She’s usually there a couple hours before she has to go to work, and it’s been a while since we’ve done hand-to-hand combat together.
“So you’re meeting Carter at the bar tonight?” Mandy grins as she towels off her face and grabs her water bottle.

“Yeah. I hope things go smoothly, too. I don’t think I can take not knowing much longer.” She tosses me her extra bottle, and I open it and gulp some of the cool liquid. “Just got to make sure I don’t get too drunk before he gets there. Don’t think he’d think it was anything but the alcohol if I have too much to drink.”

Mandy’s smile softens. “Just let him in. I know that’s hard for you, but I know you already trust him with your life. You’ll just have to work harder to trust him with your heart. Now. Let’s get cleaned up and get out of here.”

I follow Mandy towards the locker rooms, and fight the nervousness that threatens to bubble up in my chest. “I’m not sure I know how to trust anyone else.”

“Dean, hun, you know what you’re doing now? Trusting me with something that, in the wrong hands, could really hurt you. This is the kind of trust I know you can have with Carter. The kind of trust you have with Ryan and me. I know it’s going to be hard, but you have to believe that if you show Carter the weak points in that armor you’ve made for yourself, he’ll protect them like he protects your life.”

I run one hand over my head, and I can’t quite silence the part of me that says I should run as far as I can as fast as I can away from Carter and the fact that I want him. “It’s hard though.”

Mandy chuckles at that. “Dean, anything worth having is worth working hard for.” She grins and ducks into the ladies locker room to get into her work clothes tonight, and I head towards the men’s room to put my street clothes back on.

We drive to the bar separately, both parking out back, and I follow her into the back room and through to the small kitchen area. IceFire doesn’t have a big food menu, mostly basic bar food, but Mandy wanted a small dinnertime menu as well. The dinner boards are up from 4 until around 8, when Ryan turns them over to the bar fare. Jonathan, the part time chef looks up when she walks in and he flashes a small smile. “Hey.”

“Jon, you know my buddy Dean, right?”

“Yeah, bacon cheeseburger, no onions, right?” Jon remembers what people like to eat, and IceFire has a small dinner following, so he gets to know what everyone likes.

“That’s me.” I nod, and he pulls out two more plates and starts preparing a burger and a chicken kabob he pulls from the fridge.

“Thanks Jon.” Mandy surprises me by pulling him down to plant a small kiss on his cheek. “Who’s here?”

Jon gave a small shrug, cheeks turning a little pink. “Couple new guys, Jennifer, Sara, Adam, Ross, Ben, and Ella.”

Mandy smiled broadly. “Ella hasn’t been here in a while. I’m gonna go see what she’s been up to.” She saunters out to the bar and I can hear the friendly greetings she gets from the regulars.

I turn back to Jon and give him the most intimidating stare I can. He glances over at me before quickly turning back to the food. I’m mentally running through what I know about him: no record, dropped out of college to go to a part-time culinary school, two sisters, now both in college, mother died a few years ago, father runs a small mechanic’s shop. He’s a quiet guy, and almost as good as Mandy when it comes to remembering people. He loves working at IceFire, because he gets to know what the regulars like, and interact with them a little. “You and my Mandy? How long?”

“About a month.” The pink spreads to his ears and the back of his neck. “Don’t give me the ‘protective older brother’ speech. I know what you could do to me.”

“DEAN!!” Mandy shouts from the bar, and we both wince a bit. “Stop trying to intimidate my Jonathan.” He turns beet red at that. “Now get your ass out here.”

I turn and head for the bar and Jon says one last thing to me. “She can take care of herself, anyways.”

“Yeah, doesn’t stop me from being there for her.” He nods, and I step out the door, where I grab Mandy and pick her up for a moment. “You still tryin’ to boss me around?”

“Still works, doesn’t it?” She elbows me and steps on my foot. “Besides, he’s a good guy.”

“Yeah. I approve, too, if you want to know.” That earns me a broad grin from her.

“Shut up and sit down.” She pushes me towards the end of the bar and I walk around to chuckling from the regulars sitting at the bar. I slide onto a seat next to Ross who flashes a smile my way.

The chatter resumes, the two new guys are Evan and Kyle, who wandered in on a whim. Ryan appears from the back room, busy stocking the bar for the night, and he flashes a grin my way and joins the conversation. Jon slides in and deposits my food in front of me and drops a kiss on Mandy’s cheek as he sets her plate down. The bar slowly fills as the night wears on, and a couple of the people who come in order dinners. I barely notice when Carter slides onto the seat beside me, Ella telling some story about a cake her boss ordered for an office party. The cake had been misspelled, and so ended up being slightly suggestive, and a focal point of much hilarity around the office. “Makes me glad we don’t have office parties.” Carter’s rough drawl is almost right in my ear when he speaks.

“Yeah. Good thing we’re never around the precinct for all those retirement parties, too.” We sit in silence for a moment until Mandy slides a small key to me across the bar.

I look up to see a smile directed at the two of us. “I have a feeling you’ll want some privacy for this. Just don’t drink all of my personal stuff! Take as long as you need.”

I pick up the key, infinitely grateful that Mandy knows me so well. Carter nods at her and follows me into the back room, dropping gracefully down onto the couch as I unlock the small cabinet, pulling out two glasses and a bottle of scotch. I pour a couple fingers into each glass, handing one to Carter before collapsing heavily beside him. “How long?”

Again, I don’t have to ask what he means. “Which part? Wanting you to fuck me into the nearest flat surface, or wanting to be able to…..” I trail off for a moment, slam back the scotch in my glass, swallow hard and finish in what has to be a pathetic sounding whisper: “to call you mine and have you call me yours.”

Carter goes absolutely quiet beside me, and fear wraps tight around my chest like a vice. I run my hands nervously around and across the surface of the glass in my hands, calculating the odds of being able to escape. Carter moves, and I barely suppress the urge to flinch, but he just drinks down the rest of his scotch and sets the glass on the floor in front of him. Suddenly his hand is on the back of my neck and- oh God, it’s so warm against my skin- he squeezes just a little bit, a motion I can’t help but relax into. “Which do you want more now?”

I know he feels the shiver that shoots down me. His voice is even rougher than normal, and the sound of it goes straight to my groin. I take a deep breath, and I’ll kill Mandy if she’s wrong (and she so rarely is), and take the chance, finally looking up and staring right into those intense blue eyes. “Being fucked into the nearest surface is all well and good, but I… I want more than that.”

Carter just stares at me for a long, torturous moment. Then his eyes soften and I let out the breath I hadn’t even known I was holding and let him pull me towards him. “Good. Because no way in hell was this going to go any further if you weren’t ready to commit to something more than just a fuck.” And then his mouth is on mine and fucking hell, I didn’t think a kiss could make me come in my pants but this just might.

He smirks at me when he pulls away, and I can’t seem to think right around the lust swirling in me, but I manage to pull a few brain cells together into something more than 'Bed, fuck, cock, NOW!' and bury one hand in that dark wild hair like I’ve wanted to do for so long. “Didn’t think you’d be one for just fucking. S’why I never made a move, even if I thought you’d go for the guys.”

He chuckles, and my cock jumps at the low sound of it. “I’m guessing though, that getting fucked is still something you’d like.” And fuck his hand is on my crotch and squeezing just right and I stop thinking. I moan and nod, now totally lost in a haze of lust and Carter is growling something at me and I just nod, not even registering what he’s actually said. He pulls me up and I just follow him through the racks of bottles and boxes and such. Some coherency returns when we step out into the cool night air, and I realize Carter’s on his cell with someone. “Yeah, everything is fine. We’re leaving now. And… thanks.” He flips it closed and turns to me. “Are you up to driving?”

“Probably not.”

He nods. “Figured. You were pretty far gone in there. I’ll drive.” Suddenly I notice he’s parked right outside the back door we just used, and I realize that Mandy was in on this, but I can’t really bring myself to care much, and just climb in beside Carter. As soon as we’re out on the main streets his hand comes down just above my knee, and the weight and warmth of it has me panting in moments. My dick is straining almost painfully against my pants, and goddamn the smug bastard, his fingers are rubbing small circles against my inner thigh.

“Carter, unless you want me on a hair-trigger you damn well better stop that.” He looks regretful, but his hand does move back to his side of the car, and the rest of the drive is uneventful. The momentary reprieve lets me pull my brain back together again, so when we pull up outside Carter’s place I can get out and walk to the door without feeling too obvious. Carter opens the door and the second he closes it I plaster myself to him, watching in satisfaction as his pupils dilate and the blue of his eyes gets impossibly darker. “I believe you were planning on fucking my brains out?”

Carter growls and whirls, pinning me against the wall. “Not just that. I’m going to make you come harder than you ever have.”

I don’t even care as my advantage disintegrates and Carter pushes me through his house and towards his bed. When we reach his bedroom he pushes me onto the bed and strips both of us in minutes. He stands there, raking his eyes over me. I have a sudden flash of him as the tiger he has tattooed on his forearm, and I’m his prey. That though makes my cock spurt a little, and Carter smirks. “Fuck, Carter. Get on with it!”

He crawls up over me, licking, nipping, and sucking on every bit of skin between my knees and my neck, completely ignoring my straining cock. When he bites down on one nipple I think I’m about to come, without Carter even touching my dick, but he clamps one hand around the base and squeezes it, chuckling. “Not yet, Dean. I’ve barely started with you.” All I can do at this point is groan. The need to come is passing, but I’m still floating right on the edge. Carter reaches over to the nightstand and pulls open the drawer, plucking out a few things and dropping two on the bed beside me. I look over to see a condom and lube before he draws my attention to what he’s still holding. The leather cock ring has me whimpering, not that I’d admit that to anyone. “I didn’t want to use this tonight, but I plan to wring as much pleasure out of you as I possibly can. I can’t do that if you come too soon, right?” I nod, and he slips it down to the base of my cock, cinching it up tight without it being painful.

“Use that a lot?” Carter’s fondling my balls now, and if the ring wasn’t there I would be coming all over. As it is my cock and balls just twitch mightily in Carter’s big hands.

“Occasionally.” And suddenly his lips are crashing down against mine. “But less talking now. I have plans to fuck you senseless.” He’s still holding my balls in one hand, and he reaches one finger back to stroke over my perineum, and I swear I have a dry orgasm right there, because the pressure he’s exerting is just so fucking right.

Carter’s other hand suddenly makes an appearance, slicked with lube (and I have no clue how he did that with one hand), sliding between my ass cheeks and over and around my hole, before just sitting there, pressing ever so slightly. I must sound absolutely pathetic, whimpering and whining the way I am, but Carter seems to like it, because every sound I make has him putting delicious pressure on my balls, perineum, and at my entrance. “Carter.” I hate the way my voice breaks on his name, but he seems to understand and finally, finally pushes his finger inside me. It only takes a moment for me to relax around his finger, and he pushes further in. And Carter must have some kind of special targeting system because his finger brushes over that spot inside me and I’m arching and babbling and fuckinghellrighttheredothatagainagainagainfuck!!!!

This time when Carter chuckles it’s strained and I know he’s not even touching himself because both his hands are busy with me. Then his teeth are grazing down over my collarbone and his mouth teases one nipple before biting down hard, simultaneously squeezing with one hand and pressing the finger inside me to my prostate. I’m pretty sure that causes another more massive dry orgasm, and when I collapse back onto the bed Carter already has two fingers inside of me and is stretching me open.

“God, Dean.” He nips at my collarbone, and I realize he’s started grinding against my leg. “You’re so fucking tight.”

I finally move my hands from where they’re clenched in the sheets and wind one into his hair and wrap the other around his neck, pulling him up and plundering his mouth with my tongue. “Shit, Carter. Stop teasing me and get your cock in me right the fuck now.” I watch in satisfaction as his pupils go huge, surrounded by a thin ring of dark blue.

He pulls back, letting go of my balls and pulling his fingers out. I can’t hold in the whimper at the loss, but he’s just rolling the condom on and lubing up his cock. I move to roll over but his warm hand on my stomach keeps me still. “No. I want to see you come apart under me.” And then he’s moving back between my legs, shoving a pillow under my hips and lining himself up. He glances up to see me watching him intently and pushes in until he’s balls deep in me with one long, slow, steady thrust. The head of his cock is just brushing my prostate, and it’s like electricity shivering through me in waves with every breath. Carter’s arms are twitching as he hovers above me, his head pressed against my neck, each panting breath swirling across my chest. “Dean.” This time Carter’s voice cracks as he lifts his head up and presses his forehead to mine.

The cock ring feels like it’s getting even tighter as it really hits me that Carter’s dick is buried inside me. I shift a bit, and he groans. “Fucking hell, Carter. Move!” The last word comes out a drawn out whine as he does just that, pulling back and slamming in. I howl in pleasure, arching up and my fingers scrabble for purchase on his sweat-slick back. Now that Carter’s started moving he just keeps going, and I’m left spiraling further and further away from coherency with each movement he makes.

Carter’s chest presses against mine as he moves harder and faster, and his teeth clamp onto my shoulder. He doesn’t break the skin, but I’m definitely going to have an enormous hickey tomorrow. One of Carter’s hands worms between us towards my cock, brushing against the base as he reaches towards the release on the cock ring. “Come for me Dean.” And then the pressure is gone and I let out a scream of pleasure as I finally find release, my come splattering on our chests and stomachs. Distantly I feel Carter come inside me with a muffled roar against my shoulder, but I’m gone in pleasure.

When I come back down Carter’s already pulled out and cleaned us both off, and he’s sprawled possessively half across me, rubbing one hand over the top of my head and smiling tiredly down at me. “I think I had three orgasms.” The roughness of my voice surprises me. “How long have I been out of it?”

“Long enough.” Carter sounds very smug at that.

“Smug bastard.” His grin just stretches wider and he flops down on his side, the hand on my head sliding down to rest on my chest right over my heart, one of his legs draped over my thigh.

“Yeah. Have a problem with that?”

I think about it for a moment before realizing that I don’t really have a problem with it. “Nope. You’re my smug bastard.” I tense up under Carter’s arm, suddenly and irrationally worried that I’m going too far too fast.

Carter lazily rubs my chest, and I relax a little. “I guess I am. But what does that make you?”

I let my own grin spread across my face, post-sex laziness pulling me down. “I don’t give a damn, so long as it means I’m yours too.”
The last thing I hear as I drift off is Carter actually laughing, something I don’t think I’ve ever heard out of him, before he mutters against my ear. “Guess I’ll have to figure that out on my own.”


It doesn’t take long for Dean to fall asleep, but it does take a while for his face to relax. He hasn’t moved since he essentially blacked out during his orgasm, so he’s basically sprawled across my bed. I roll to the edge and reach down to snag my pants off the floor and pull out my cell. I type out a quick message to Ty and Jaimie telling them not to bother showing up at the loft tomorrow. I drop it onto the small bedside table and roll back towards Dean.

I can’t help reaching up to rub one hand over his head. Even in sleep he presses up into the touch, and I grin at the action before settling my hand back over his heart. Dean is mine now. I smile at that as for the first time in a long time I fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.
The sun is right in my eyes when I wake up, but that’s not the source of my discomfort. Sometime in the night Dean seems to have decided I make a better pillow than one of the actual pillows, and is draped like an enormous, heavy cat across my body. His face is buried in the juncture between my neck and shoulder, and one of his legs has wrapped around one of mine.

I take a moment and study him, body totally slack in sleep. Even on the occasions he’s fallen asleep on the sofa in the loft, he never really goes lax. Now every part of him is tension-free, and his breathing is soft and even where it puffs across my neck. I’m surprisingly comfortable under his warm weight, except for the pressure being applied to my bladder.

“Come on Dean. Let me up.” I whisper the words to him, almost hoping to not wake him up. He makes a disagreeing noise and tries to press his face further into my neck. I heave a sigh and start extricating myself from him. It takes a while, and when I’m finally free he mumbles something incoherent, rolls onto his stomach, and tries to burrow into my pillow. I find that oddly endearing, and smile down at him.

When I finish in the bathroom and walk out, he’s awake and looking around. “What time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

“Shouldn’t we be at the loft already? What the hell are we doing still here? Aren’t Ty and Jaimie going to get suspicious if both of us are late?”

“Nope. I told them not to bother coming in today.” I let my eyes wander over Dean’s body. He’s half on his stomach still, head propped up on pillows and one hand. The curve of his ass is visible even through the sheet draped over his lower half. My cock twitches a little as I remember Dean writhing under me, completely at my mercy.

Dean groans. “Fuck, Carter. Want you so damn bad right now.” He rolls onto his back and I can see he’s already hard.

I slide back onto the bed, arousal surging through my body again. Suddenly Dean flips me onto my back in an impressive move, holding my wrists above my head, his weight sinking down on top of me. “I don’t think so.” I growl and surge upwards, dislodging him and we tumble around for a minute or two.

Somehow he manages to end up on top, grinning down at me. “My turn.” I can feel the grin spreading across my face in response, before he moves, surprising me by sliding an already open condom down over my length, and then securing the cock ring I had used on him the night before at my base. “I plan on riding you until you’re begging me to let you come, seeing as we have all day now.” He smirks, grabs the lube and smears my cock before practically dropping down onto me, still fairly loose from last night.

The sudden heat and constriction has me convulsing and bucking up into him, trying to get deeper. I don’t really care how loud he’s making me moan. It’s not like my neighbors can hear us. I fix my eyes back on Dean, shivering and twitching above me. I must have slammed right into his prostate when I bucked, so I do it again, and Dean tries to grab the base of his own cock, but I grab his wrists and he comes all over my chest and stomach, squeezing so tight around me. That could have been enough to set me off, but I can’t, and my vision goes bright and blurry for a long moment.

“Damnit, Carter.” Dean would be snarling at me, but he’s too sated after coming, and it just sounds resigned and petulant. He moves to climb off me and I shift my grip to his hips.

“Nope. If I have to beg to come, I want to see how many times you can come without being touched.”

“Smug bastard.”

“Stubborn asshole.” The retort is out of my mouth before I can even really think, and Dean chuckles at that.

“Damn right I am. You wouldn’t have me any other way, would you?” He smirks, and without giving me a chance to answer lifts up and drops back down again. We both groan and Dean shudders all over, his flaccid cock twitching a little. It doesn’t take long for him to find a rhythm, but once he does he holds to it.

He has to be hypersensitive still, and I’m amazed to see his penis swell and harden as quickly as it does. There’s a momentary falter in his movements, but he recovers quickly. I grit my teeth as the pleasure continues to rise in me, squeezing Dean’s thighs, only able to gasp and moan as he keeps moving through a second orgasm.

Dean’s movements come to a stop for a moment or two, and I’m grateful for the short reprieve. I won’t admit it, but feeling him pulse around me and the way he just kept going almost had me begging. His whole body is still shaking and shuddering through aftershocks, eyes closed and mouth open as he pants and whines just a little bit. When his eyes open back up and focus on me the pupils are so dilated all I can see is black. “Ready to give in yet?”

“Not even close.”

Dean’s mouth quirks up in a small smirk. “We’ll see.” And then he’s moving again, pistoning himself up and down around me. I lose myself in the haze of sensation, all of me concentrating on not begging and giving Dean that satisfaction.

He manages to come once more before I lose my internal fight, the need to come almost painful now. I don’t even know what I say, but Dean grins and reaches down to release the cock ring. He lifts up and drops down once more and, finally, finally, I come explosively, my entire world going white as fireworks explode behind my eyes.

Dean shudders and collapses down onto my chest, my cock slipping out of him with a small wet sound. He slides half off to my side with a sigh and shivers some more. I don’t care about the mess still coating my stomach and chest and sliding down my sides, or that I’m still wearing the condom and loosened cock ring. I manage to lift one leaden hand up to rub the back of his head, and he slides one hand into my hair. “Stubborn asshole.” He chuckles tiredly and tugs gently on his handful of hair. I’m pretty sure we’re both already half asleep at this point, but I just squeeze his scalp a little in response.

“Sm’g bast’r’d.” The last thing I’m aware of is Dean’s breathing evening out in sleep as I follow him down.


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