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 For posting funny videos on Facebook.

Like the People of Walmart song she posted earlier today. [livejournal.com profile] jetpack_angel, this is for you.
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So, it has been brought to my attention that I should probably post about what's been going on in my life recently.

In the past couple weeks I finished out the semester and moved back home(3 A's, 3 C's).  Now I've been looking for a job for the summer, and having.... moderate luck?  I guess.  Well, I'm trying to find something to do over the summer, because otherwise I'll end up selling knives again, which wasn't so awesome the first time around.  But, I've had one interview today, and I've turned in several other applications at various places, so, hoping one of those works out! :D

But, anyways.... muses are kinda quiet at the moment, which is good, because I'm trying to write up my resume, which is slightly confusing and mostly annoying.

I do have several plot bunnies in my plot-bunny-hutch(yes, I had to make a hutch for them all, they were getting out of control).  So, hopefully I can get to writing some of those after I've got a job pinned down and a more stable schedule.  And hopefully my dad will get a car shortly there-after, and I'll get to use the Van.  :)
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Found out that my dog, who we thought was going to make it through surgery/treatment for cancer ok, got really, really, really bad this weekend.  They're putting her down tonight.  I'm going to go take a shower, and possibly cry myself to sleep. 

Pictures of my Tess )
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 So, got back to campus from the wedding in Kentucky around 6-ish, got all my crap up to my room, then went to have dinner with my parents and one of my friends.  Was awesome, got to introduce her to good Chinese food.  :D  Anyways.  Wedding was long (Catholic mass),  but the reception was awesome.  Had a lot of fun dancing, and getting my younger girl cousins to dance.

But, found out my dog has cancer.  :(  Sad day, which means that if it's not treatable, aka, if there's tendrils of it going into her heart, probably the best thing would be to put her down.  Which sucks, because  for a dog who's 11, she's got the physiology of a dog of 7 or 8.  So I'm worrying about that.

So, classes start today, I've got a lab at 9 today.  boo, hiss.  So, Off I go!
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I love my family, but I really do need my own time.  Sitting in a hotel room with mom, dad, and my older sister.  >.<  I just.  I love them, but I can really only take so much family time now.  **deep sigh**

On the plus side, my cousin is getting married tomorrow, and the weather is supposed to be much better.  :D

Also, I think I might be coming down with a cold, because I was up until 3 and out in the cold and the damp(it was drizzling) putting a TARDIS on the wall of the free expression tunnel of the college near my house.  Totally worth it, considering we made it life size(10'3").
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Well, first off, Happy New Year!! :D  I believe [livejournal.com profile] emocezi  did this first, but I wanted to do one too.  So I did.  XD
In 2011, whogeek resolves to...
Drink four glasses of torchwood every day.
Get back in contact with some old bones.
Ask my boss for an alice.
Pay for my ncis on time.
Take emocezi snowboarding.
Overcome my secret fear of criminal minds.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Kinda silly, but that's what makes it so amusing.

Second off, I have kinda dug myself a hole in regards to school.  I failed two classes, one of which was tennis, and really not all that important in the long run, but the other was a gen ed(the 'basic' classes that all students have to take) that I was retaking, and so now I have more 'F's on my transcript.  So I'm basically backed into a corner now.  I have to get A's and B's this semester, and decide whether or not I can keep going, or if I'm just going to get my GPA up so if I do leave, I can go back at some later point and try again.  I'm really rather conflicted, because part of me really wants to stay, and get my degree, but another part of me doesn't care all that much.

Third off, my dog is a speshul snowflake!  She's got a blocked salivary gland, started basically on Christmas morning, and her throat area started swelling up.  She looked like she had a goiter.  It was really funny looking, but then, it spread, and her lower face, up to her eyes, was swollen.  She started looking like a pit bull, or like she had mumps.  So we took her to the vet, and they tried to aspirate some of it, but it was all diffuse, and so it didn't really work.  But then she started 'raining' as the fluid started leaking out through the needle-holes in her skin.  So she had an ascot to collect the drips for the next 24 hours or so.  But that only solved the problem for a little while.  She started swelling up again, and it started draining down into her chest, but we didn't really notice that much.  Then, a couple days ago, one leg started swelling up, and then the next day, both legs were swollen.  She had cankles!  So we took her back to the vet, who put her on a whole bunch of meds, to try and reduce the swelling and pull some of the liquid out.  But the vets/vet techs were all "poor baby!" and had never seen a dog with a blocked salivary gland with this much swelling.  XD  my dog is a speshul snowflake.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:42 pm
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I am seriously amazed, because it seems like the semester has flown past.  It feels like only a few weeks ago I was figuring out the best routes to take to get to classes each day, and now it's practically over.  I feel kinda totally unprepared for winter break.  Seriously.  I'm not really sure I want to spend the next few weeks at home.  I mean, I love my family, but... I dunno.  I'm just not used to spending that much time with them on a daily/weekly basis.  I kinda wish I could do what Hogwarts does, where they can sign up to stay over breaks.  I mean, I can stay over fall/thanksgiving/spring breaks, but not over winter break.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm being silly.  Probably, actually.
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I am a goddamn idiot.  I had the opportunity to tell my dad about wanting to get out and leave college for a bit, and I didn't.  I want to scream and punch something, because this whole situation is absolute shit.  I don't know what I'm going to say to my parents tomorrow.  Because guess what?  They're coming to visit.  FML 
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But first, a bit of freaking out.  Because tomorrow is the first football game, and because I'm in the marching band, I have to be up at the stadium at 9 for run-through, and I won't be done until after 7.  And I do not feel ready at all, partly because it is 9/11, and partly because I've been sick basically all week, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.  Fuck.

So, anyways.  Last weekend was kinda crazy.  Went home for the long weekend, YAY for having Monday off!  Which was, honestly, probably more stressful than it should have been.  Yeah.  But, I did get to go to a party with some friends (my best friend from high school's boyfriends 21st b-day party) and watched most everyone there get drunk, or at least buzzed/tipsy.  Although, the boyfriend did end up on the floor at one point, because "It's cooler than the sofa."  Honestly, he pretty much slid/rolled off the sofa, and was to uncoordinated to get up.  So that was pretty fun.  Then I went to see "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with neighbors and mom, and we were quite pleased with the geek factor of it.  We were all quite baffled that it got such bad reviews.  It was supposed to be action/comedy, and it was.  You just needed to be pretty geeky to get a lot of the comedy.  Oh, and the shirt Dave (the protagonist) was wearing in the last bit?  This one.  Awesome.  I kinda yanked on my mom's arm and whispered urgently at her, and she totally missed what I was saying.... Both times.  XD  I'm really kind of annoyed that the reviewers didn't like it, because it's physics geek (who, honestly, isn't all that great looking and has a kinda funny voice) gets music geek, plus age-old romance finally fufilled.  And Tesla coils.  Lots of Tesla coils.  And awesome special effects.  :D  Geek heaven.  Especially some of the comic bits.  I seriously think all geeks should see it.  I want to own it.  :D

Anyways.  long day tomorrow, presuming I'm not dead from mega-cold.
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Ummmm, my sister is moving out?  I mean, really actually moving out, not just going off to college.  Parents went with her to get her stuff moved, so I'm kind of rattling around the house at the moment.  Weird.  Anyways, kind of wigging out about this suddenly.  I thought I was ready for this.

Also, got hooked on, not one show, but two!!!! ARGH!!!  White Collar is great.  I love Neal.  He's adorable and amusing and witty.  And I want to ruffle his hair.  YES, I have a bit of a hair obsession, do not judge me.  But the day I chose to watch some of the episodes, USA was also running episodes of Covert Affairs.  So I watched some of those.  And I decided I love Auggie.  He's such a great character!!  And the guy who plays him is amazing, because Auggie is blind, and he's got the can't-actually-focus-on-anything gaze down pat.  Love him to bits.  And Auggie probably knows more about the CIA than anyone else, but he isn't smug about it.  :D  Love him to bits!!! 
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My sister is graduating tomorrow.... Fuck.... Oh god.  It really hadn't hit me until now.  Of course, she's going for her masters(Clemson) and then hopefully a PhD(Brown), but still.  She's gonna be pretty much completely out of the house from now on.  This is pretty much it.  I'm not at all ashamed to admit that this scares the crap out of me.  I mean, we're not attached at the hip or anything, my going to a college halfway across the state proves that, but I'm just finding it a little boggling.

Of course, after I told her about changing major to be Anthropology/Archaeology, she made a great crack about the two of us being on discovery channel, and her doing some show about cephalopods, and then me being on a show about like, the Mayan calendar or something, and people being all, "Whoa!! Are they related or something?" and how that would be really cool.  This is one of the many reasons I love my sister.  She's awesome.  And a genius.  Hello, Phi Beta Kappa? Yes.  Summa Cum Laude? Yes.  Valedictorian?  Yes.

But yeah.  I'm just really realizing that this is it.  She'll be heading off into the world now.
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So, Friday I was sick, and I ended up missing two of my classes.  Saturday, however I was going to be riding 3 hours West into Tennessee.  Yay, fun stuff!  So the drive was pretty uneventful, aside from being pretty bored and not really being able to breathe properly.  Today I fenced.  And I had to borrow a pair of knickers(yes, that is what they are called) from the hosting school.  I also had to use one of my teammate's stuff when I subbbed in.  I ended up subbing in for her to go up against one of the best teams at the event. !!!  Was very NOT FUN!  So, aside from only having fenced four short bouts, I'm exhausted.  I didn't get a good, full nights sleep, yesterday was long, and today was stressful.

I did take the time to call my dad and wish him a happy birthday.


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